Track CTC

Robust cloud-based application for prevailing wage compliance and workforce reporting

Track CTC

LCPtracker Pro is a cloud-based prevailing wage and workforce compliance management solution. The application is ideal for public agencies and prime contractors that need to ensure all contractors on their project, even down to the lower-tier subcontractors, are compliant. Additionally, clients can track detailed worker information and leverage dynamic reporting to monitor workforce initiatives.

LCPtracker Pro allows every contractor on a project to generate certified payroll reports electronically. It is a helpful tool that flags many errors or discrepancies with local, state, or federal Davis-Bacon provisions and indicates where corrections maybe required prior to submission. Agency and prime contractor administrators can then easily view, approve, or reject payrolls and provide immediate feedback to contractors.

  • Saves time for the agency, prime, and subcontractor
  • Saves money by reducing the administrative work
  • Offers a much more secure, highly automated process for collecting certified payroll reports
  • Dramatically reduces the risk of fines and failed audits
  • Comes with world-class support for both administrators and users

The software is comprehensive and user-friendly; it interfaces with leading payroll solution providers to streamline data entry. It’s also easy to deploy, highly scalable, and time-tested. LCPtracker Pro was the first electronic certified payroll reporting software on the market and has only continued to become more versatile and efficient over the past 18 years of development. It is the most widely used compliance solution for thousands of construction projects throughout the nation.


  • Electronic collection and management of certified payroll reports
  • Prevailing wage and Davis-Bacon compliance and reporting
  • Workforce demographics tracking and reporting (gender, ethnicity, local hire/residency, disadvantaged, training/apprentice, veteran)
  • Over 90 validations and mathematical checks with alerts for compliance violations
  • Over 100 built-in reports with ad hoc reporting available
  • Seamless interface with standard payroll accounting systems

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